see You see Me

Boost your visibility and increase your chances of happiness and success!

  • Do you feel you are not noticed enough?
  • Would you like to receive more appreciation?
  • Do people struggle to remember you?
  • Do you have difficulty seeing yourself?

Did you answer any of the above questions with ‘yes’? Than the Masterclass “see You see Me’ is the one for you.

We do our best to distinguish ourselves through the things we do. Especially at work, we want to distinguish ourselves; for example, by following extra courses. However, our appearance receives little attention. Although research has found that women who pay more attention to their appearance are more successful than women who don’t. In this 2 hour masterclass, we are going to work on your ‘appearance’. We will not focus extensively on how you look but on how you communicate non-verbally. Consequently, you will learn how to use this way of communication positively. Through this masterclass, you will start ‘seeing’ yourself again and will be seen by others which will help you to achieve your goals.

You can follow this training individually or in groups.

Are you interested, or would you like to know more? Please contact me through the button below.

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