About Karina

It is my mission to support others and organisations to become happier and more successful.

No guts, no glory. But for courage, you need confidence. Many people fail to reach their potential because they are too afraid or lack confidence. How incredible would it be, if you would not let your (lack of) confidence hold you back? If you would feel ‘good enough’.

How I can help you

I have gone through a lot in life, did mostly what was expected of me and not what I really wanted for myself. I was very insecure and afraid to do certain things and often asked myself what others thought of me. However, once I let go of those (unnecessary) fears my self-esteem started growing. And more and more often I stepped out of my comfortzone allowing me to keep growing. The more powerful I felt myself, the more opportunities I got (and took) and the easier I was able to complete tasks. By combining my educations, experience and intuition I can help organisations and you to be happier (and more successful).

My background

I love connecting people and helping them achieve their full potential. I have worked in the corporate world in managerial functions for years and was often automatically coaching other people. It is incredible to see how people flourish and find their strength when they become more confident and self-aware. 


On several occasions, I stepped out of my comfort zone: In 2003, I quit my job at Unilever and moved to England with my family. Here I started studying again. Later, I left my well-paying job to become an entrepreneur and set-up my own clothing line. My self-esteem increased with some ups and downs in between. At some moments, it was fragile, but at other moments I found increased strength. This made me realize how makeable confidence is. After years in the corporate world at multinationals, I experience the importance of confidence. The more powerful I felt, the more opportunities I got or created and the easier I could fulfil tasks.  

Not everything I did was successful, but I learned so much from it. By doing things that expanded my comfort zone, my confidence grew. I am less strict and much kinder to myself. I accept myself for who I am with all the positive and negatives. And how great is it, that I can share this with you to help you achieve the same.

Continuous growth

I am a lifelong learner and continuously learning something new and reading many books, because I love developing myself. Please find an overview below of several of the studies, courses and workshops I have followed



Positive Intelligence Coach – Shirzad Chamine MBA  

Organisational Happiness MBA – University Lisbon/Happiness Business School 

Chief Happiness Officer – Happiness Business School

Happiness Coach – Happiitude

Energy Codes 1 – 4  – Morter Institute

Energy Codes facilitator – Morter Institute 

Heartmath basic - Hearthmath Institute

Certified Heart Brain coherence coaching - Hartfocus

The Art and Science of Coaching, Impacting Leaders – Michael Neill/Mindvalley

The Science of Well-Being – Yale university

New Manager - Tack International

Coaching skills - Tack International


Unleash the Power Within – Tony Robbins

Business & Social Media Masterclass John Lee – Succesgids

Human by Design, the power to thrive in life’s extremes – Gregg Braden

Becoming Supernatural – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Increase you personal strength - Innerland

Van Inzicht naar Uitzicht – Vorst – Impuls


Lifebook – Jon and Missy Butcher 

The Longevity Blueprint– Ben Greenfield/Mindvalley

Unlocking Transcendence – Jeffrey Allen/Mindvalley

Sugarfree in 7 days – Eric Edmeades/Mindvalley

Of all the (life) lessons I have been privileged to learn, the most important is surely: the closer you are to your true self the more powerful you are and feel. You will re- discover how it is to be in touch with your true self.How it feels to live in confidence and self-love and to explore from that true self what your true potential is.

Because one thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless.


What customers say about me

"Your added value derives from your unique combination between your business savviness and your very female soft side, while remaining grounded. You dare to ask the right questions and are not afraid to continue asking if you sense that there is a deeper unspoken layer. You look at people with compassion and openness and have a very unique and special appearance.


"During the coaching session I said that at some point I would like to become a business woman. Look at me now!"


Let me help you increase your self-esteem and reduce stress.

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