Heart coherence

Reduce stress through heart coherence

What is heart coherence?

Heart coherence is a term that denotes if your heart beats coherently. You probably notice that when you exercise, your heart rate increases, whereas when you’re sleeping, your heart rate decreases. But did you know that your heart rate varies during the entire day, even outside of exercise and sleeping. More specifically, your heart rate various every minute, even when you are relaxing on a chair. This variation is called heart rate variability.

You can experience heart coherence when you are relaxed, then your heart rate will move in coherence with your breathing. When you breathe in, your heart rate increases, and when you breathe out, it decreases. The more coherent your heart rate is with your breathing, the higher your heart coherence. You compare this with brainwaves. If the waves are more constant, your brain will be more efficient, for example, during concentration.

Why is heart coherence desirable?

With a high heart coherence, you can influence processes in your body positively. Your heart does more than merely pumping blood through your body. In recent years, more and more evidence has demonstrated that more signals travel from your heart to the brain than the other way around. Anger, frustration and stress lead to a chaotic heart rate variability. This chaotic variability has a direct effect on the brain: functions such as your problem-solving ability, understanding and memory decrease in such a situation. In these moments you’re literally not thinking clearly.

But the chaotic heart rate is responsible for more controlling more processes in your body. For example, the fight or flight mode: a system during which your body will prioritize survival. Long-lasting stress can result in significant problems. Your body will not return to the rest mode, during which the body focusses on recovery and optimisation because the ‘coast’ is clear. The consequences of this are hard to ignore, you will recover less rapidly from the seasonal flu, you will have trouble sleeping, have a short fuse and will have more negative thoughts.

Luckily, research has demonstrated that you can reduce stress by regulation your heart rhythm.With the help of breathing exercises , you can train the synchronization of the heart and brain, which will result in your body and brain functioning optimally. This is how you bring your body back to the ‘rest mode’. The benefits of this are incredible, you will experience a better focus, a calmer feeling, and you will be able to sleep better.

After just two weeks of practicing I noticed that I became calmer and could sleep better. I reacted differently (much calmer) to things that happened. Before I used to wind myself up if I was stuck in traffic, now I just let it go. There is no reason to be wind myself. I truly feel much better and happier.

Regulating your heart rhythm

During the training, I will teach you how, with the help of breathing exercises, you can influence your heart rhythm. We will be using specific measuring equipment and an app to practice and monitor your development. Because you get feedback straight away, you will rapidly learn how to improve your heart coherence.

During 4 to 6 sessions, we will work on identifying the causes of stress and reducing stress through heart coherence.

What’s in it for me?

The more often you train your breathing, the longer you will experience heart coherence. This leads to several benefits:

  • Signification reduction in stress
  • Sleep better
  • 40% improvement of long-term memory
  • 24% improvement in short-term memory
  • Clear thoughts and overview
  • Quicker response time
  • Increased resilience
  • Easier to let things go
  • Better sense what you need
  • Calmer feeling
  • Decrease blood pressure

There are many more benefits to high heart coherence. For example, research from a high school in Minnesota found that increasing the heart coherence of students results in better results and a decrease in performance anxiety. The students did not only feel better, but they performed better. Several other pieces of research are discovering how heart coherence can benefit patients with PTSS, chronic pain and asthma. Scientific discoveries are highlighting more and more benefits of heart coherence.

The best thing about heart coherence is that it is relatively easy. This makes this technique accessible to everyone.

Live from your heart

Most likely, you have heard of the saying ‘follow your heart’. Although everyone knows what is meant by this, we as a society, are less in contact with our hearts. The focus is on our brains. Thinking rationally, analytics reasoning but also worrying; our mind has increasingly gained a more significant role in decision making.

This is also true for things that we feel with our heart, ‘this job doesn’t feel right’, however often we make the decision with our brains. ‘It seems a good job, with a good salary, good requirements and it is close to home’. But, how nice would it be if you could start living more from your heart? This is where heart coherence can help you.

Maybe you have felt how it is to have an ‘open heart’. You feel love: for a person or for a fantastic view of nature. Gratitude is also a great example of this. You feel peaceful and calm. These are the moment that your heart is coherent. How incredible would it be, if you could create that feeling whenever you wish? That you are connected to your heart, to make the right decisions?

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Let me help you to reduce stress.

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